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Rafting Family
Family Fun! Level: II-III

Family Rafting is a fun experience to spend a different day with your family!

The transport will look for them in their place of lodging and we will start the trip, knowing the lakes Gutiérrez, Mascardi, Guillelmo, Huala Hue, Steffen and Martín.
The embarkation point, a forest of Coihues, Arrayanes and Cypresses in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, will be the ideal landscape to equip us and start the adventure.
We will sail 16 km in a river with crystal clear waters, large pools of water for swimming and all the excitement of the rapids of the Manso River between various species of birds and fish.

Data sheet

  • Duration: 10h00 at 19h00
  • Level: Low (I-II)
  • Activity time: 03h00 about
  • Minimum age: 5 years
  • Section: Río Manso - From Steffen Lake to our private field

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We recommend bringing: replacement footwear, swimsuit (optional), coat on cold days, towel and ID or Passport.

Includes: Transfers, bilingual professional guides, lunch, afternoon tea, base insurance, full technical equipment (Neoprene suits, dry jacket, life jacket, helmets, paddles).


  • Full breakfast: Tea, coffee or cooked mate + toast with homemade sweets.
  • Lunch: Full roast: meat, sausage, blood sausage, salads, drinks (wine, soda and water) dessert.
  • Menu of the day: Main course, a drink (soda or water) and dessert. (Vegetarian menu available)
  • Fast food: Sandwich (chorizo or hamburger) with a drink (soda or water)
  • Menu light: Salad with a drink (soda or water)

Gastronomy: Rafting Adventure has a private structure where you can enjoy all our gastronomic offer. These services are optional and can be hired at the time of booking or on the same day of the excursion.

The best adventure as only Rafting Adventure can offer you!

If you have any questions, please visit the frequently asked questions, section, or contact our customer service.
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