Welcome to Rafting Adventure

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Welcome to Rafting Adventure

We invite you to browse our website. The rafts are ready and the team is ready.
They are just one click away from discovering the most fun adventure of Patagonia in San Carlos de Bariloche.

rafting al limite

Rafting Al Limite
Pure adrenaline! Level: III - IV

Crossing rapids level III - IV, you live all the excitement of a mountain river, until you reach the limit with Chile. Rafting to the Limit is the best option for those who enjoy intense emotions.
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rafting light

Rafting Light
Enjoying Rafting in half a day!

Upon arriving at the embarkation point at the confluence of the Villegas and Manso rivers, the guides give a technical talk to begin sailing for an hour and a half between exciting rapids and beautiful landscapes.
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rafting familiar

Rafting Family
Family Fun! Level: II - III

We will sail 16 km in a river with crystal clear waters, large pools of water for swimming and all the excitement of the rapids of the Manso River between various species of birds and fish.
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rating limay

Rafting Limay
Rafting on the rivers of the Patagonian steppe

Make the most of your time to live the Patagonian steppe and feel in direct contact with nature. On a half-day outing you will enjoy all the excitement of a river that combines backwaters and gentle currents.
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rafting estudiantil

Student Rafting
Special Rafting for students

Special rafting program created for groups of students who want to try rafting, contact us to agree on a suitable program for you.
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rafting empresas y grupos

Companies and Groups
Event management for companies and private groups

Our corporate programs allow, through integral actions outside the work environment, to awaken and encourage team spirit by performing activities that combine fun and nature.
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  • Moreno 30 – S. C. de Bariloche Rio Negro.
  • Our offices are located 100 meters from the civic center.


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Where we are

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